How to Buy

Currently, $SHARO can be bought on PancakeSwap.Follow the steps below to purchase Crazy Sharo:

1.First, download Metamask and create a wallet.Carefully save the recovery phase and never share it with anyone.

2.Connect Metamask to BSC. To do so, follow this guide.

3.Click on the Metamask icon on top of your browser (or find it in extensions) and switch from Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.

4.Click the Assets tab and then Add Token. Add the contract address of CrazySharo: 0x7F3dAf301c629BfA243CbbA6654370d929379657

5.Next, if you don’t have BNB on your wallet yet, you should add it. To do so, go to Binance first and buy BNB. Then, to add it to Metamask, first find your Metamask wallet adress, which you can find under the Network menu on top. In Binance, open Metamask, locate the Wallet menu, selectFiat and Spot and then find BNB in the Crypto Balance table. Click Withdraw next to BNB. To withdraw, you will be asked to enter the Metamask adress.

6.Next, go to this PancakeSwap link and connect your wallet by clicking Connect Wallet. Make sure you have the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet selected. In settings, set the Slippage Tolerance to 10 %.

7.In the From field, select BNB. In the To field, first enter the amount you want to purchase Crazy Sharo for. Then click Select currency and paste the following CrazySharo adress into the search box: 0x7F3dAf301c629BfA243CbbA6654370d929379657

8.Confirm your transaction by clicking Swap!


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