Our Team

CrazySharo features a large team of multi-skilled individuals all from different backgrounds and ethnicities. A great mix of engineers, programmers, graphic designers, developers, writers and young professionals.

Together, we aim to create a project unlike any other on the current market as we’re all about the continuous development, improvement and growth.

Our team has generated a brand new Sharo token, designed over 400 3D NFTs, build a web site from scratch as well as envisioned and created all promotional videos/photos.

We have set up a number of social media accounts, constructed every single written text – and that’s just to name a few things we’ve done so far!

It is our great pleasure to be a part of this project and to present it to the world of Crypto – making it easy and more accessible to everyone interested is our ultimate goal.


Founder & CEO


NFTs & Website Designer


Facebook & Telegram Promoter


Blockchain Developer


Website Developer



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